3rd Floor The Promenade General Mathenge Rd
Spring Valley, Nairobi, Kenya

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Our Story

Rakam Investment Ltd is a limited company registered under the 2015 Companies Act of the Republic of Kenya. The company is engaged in investment focusing on the real estate since its inception in 2016 and has developed commercial and residential properties in the Greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area. We leverage talent, research, networks and innovation to capitalize on the regional growth story for optimal returns to our investors.

Why we are The Best At What We Do


RAKAM Investment consistently take part in social events that focus on promoting education, health and wildlife conservation. We developed a corporate responsibility framework with an aim to become one of the best corporate citizens within our sector and make a difference in our world

business responsibility

We strive to deliver value to our investors through best business practices that are satisfactory to our clients, business partners and the regulators, amongst many other. We are committed to the principles of international best practices in corporate governance and always strive to comply with such practices

social responsibility

We are committed to empowerment and development of the members of our society with a focus on youth and women. Our involvement focuses on education, guidance, mentoring and training. 

We believe everyone deserves
to prosper financialy

Real Estate Investing

we invest in real estate by buying, selling and financing properties


Our hospitality investment landscape delivers the synergies of scale, market intelligence as well as technology and innovation to our customers

Stock Market

we facilitate buying of company shares and stocks


To mobilize resources for investment in the East
Africa community and transform the region through
wealth creation


To boldly, efficiently and responsibly explore the great wealth creation potential in East Africa for our investors

For more information:

Email: info@rakam.co.ke
Open hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00

3rd Floor The Promenade
General Mathenge Road
Spring Valley, Nairobi, Kenya